Measuring Success: Cracking the Code on Marketing Effectiveness

May 13, 201946 minutes

How marketers can use control groups to prove the value of new strategies

High-Value Customer Acquisition on Social Media

May 10, 201944 minutes

How your best customers can get you more great customers

How Do You Measure Up? Announcing Customer-Centric Benchmarking

May 9, 201932 minutes

Custora debuts a new way to measure success in 10 key growth areas

CEO Corey Pierson on Building a Scalable Churn Prevention System

May 9, 201959 minutes

How to use customer data to automate personalized churn prevention triggers

How The Bouqs Drives Customer Loyalty with Event Propensity Modeling

Apr 2, 201932 minutes

With Phil Irvine, CRM at The Bouqs

Winky Lux & The Rise of Instagram-Native Retail

Mar 27, 201925 minutes

With Kate Fernandez, Winky Lux Director, Global Brand Marketing

Optimizing Performance Marketing with First-Party Data

Feb 14, 201948 minutes

Better paid media with homemade data

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