Tackling Your One-Time Buyer Problem

May 16, 201959 minutes

How to live a longer lifecycle with your customers

Using Customer KPIs to Uncover Business Opportunities

May 15, 201955 minutes

What metrics move the needle in a customer-centric retail world?

Jumping the 3 Big Hurdles to Predictive Modeling

May 14, 201959 minutes

It turns out that predicting the future is tougher than it looks

Measuring Success: Cracking the Code on Marketing Effectiveness

May 13, 201946 minutes

How marketers can use control groups to prove the value of new strategies

High-Value Customer Acquisition on Social Media

May 10, 201944 minutes

How your best customers can get you more great customers

How Do You Measure Up? Announcing Customer-Centric Benchmarking

May 9, 201932 minutes

Custora debuts a new way to measure success in 10 key growth areas

CEO Corey Pierson on Building a Scalable Churn Prevention System

May 9, 201959 minutes

How to use customer data to automate personalized churn prevention triggers

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