Kicking the Habit: Reducing Dependence on Price Promotions

May 22, 201958 minutes

How to reverse the discounting downward spiral

Why Customer Lifetime Value Matters

May 21, 201963 minutes

How to use CLV reporting to grow your retail business

Your Behavioral Playbook (with Custora & BounceX)

May 20, 201954 minutes

How to execute on people-based data profiles

Powering 1:1 Marketing at Kendra Scott

May 16, 201957 minutes

How Kendra Scott manages their cutting-edge personalization stacka

Tackling Your One-Time Buyer Problem

May 16, 201959 minutes

How to live a longer lifecycle with your customers

Using Customer KPIs to Uncover Business Opportunities

May 15, 201955 minutes

What metrics move the needle in a customer-centric retail world?

Jumping the 3 Big Hurdles to Predictive Modeling

May 14, 201959 minutes

It turns out that predicting the future is tougher than it looks

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